Saturday, September 1, 2018

Kuwait School Fees 2018

It's that time of year once again where you can see the outrageous school fees across the country, surprisingly, most school tuition has remained the same this year, except for the first two schools listed below. They seem to be the only ones from last year, although both schools have added grade 12. You can see the fees from last year here

 First up for increase is the most expensive school in Kuwait, American United School, they have split the high school years to 9-10 and 11-12. (7500 KD is almost $25,000.00 for high school per year)

Next up is International British School which added grade 12 

 International British School
I'm adding a few new schools to the list this year, the schools have their fees online which makes it much easier when trying to find an affordable school, I think all schools should have their fees online so they don't waste our time having to go to the school and find out.

 The English Playgroup

 Kuwait American School

Transportation fees range anywhere between 250 to 500 KD, not to mention some schools assessment fees, you pay for someone to question your child but it doesn't guarantee them admission. Some schools have a certain profile of kids they want and will not allow your child admission if they are deemed trouble makers and it's highly doubtful your kid will get a Harvard type education from these private schools, more than likely you will be told your child needs a tutor in which teachers make additional money on the side. It's all a monopoly.

Life in Kuwait!


  1. New school opening American School of Ahmadi - has an offer on tuition fees for first 100 students


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