Thursday, March 19, 2020

Lockdown Life in Kuwait

Yeah, not much to post about any more other than things related tot he virus. I am truly blessed to be in Kuwait with my family during this time. I watch on TV how people fight over toilet paper, I see pictures of empty aisles that friends send me from California and how they are running out of money because there is no work.

I worry about my children in California, my daughter told me they couldn't find milk or sanitizing essentials which is truly sad considering they live in America. This is a test for all countries, it shows the greed and anger people truly feel towards one another. I feel for the elderly who are alone and vulnerable, then I see the young generation partying like it's a regular day.

Humanity has lost their core values, respect the elders, be kind to one another, just simple things we used to live by but have been lost by the glitter of money and fame.

With this lockdown my routine is basically sitting at home refreshing IG, checking out Snap, laptop and the daily walk around the neighborhood. I am thankful to be living in Kuwait at this time, we have enough food, everyone who needs to be tested are receiving it. The markets have food, businesses provide gloves and hand washing areas and life is calm here.

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