Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Kuwait on lock Down

'1. All flights to and from Kuwait suspended until further notice (limited trips to Kuwaitis and their family)
2. Public and Pvt sector holidays from 12th Mar till 26th Mar
3. No gatherings/meeting to avoid infection
4. Restaurants, Cafes, halls, shopping centers, Pvt health institute closed
5. Banks closed from 12th Mar till 29th Mar (ATMS will be open)'
Total chaos has hit Kuwait after the above announcement was made, traffic, people running to super markets, massive atm lines and long lines at the gas stations. I tried going to a supermarket but went back home due to the crowds, pushing and ridiculous lines.

For those who didn't have the virus, we should all be checked now after going out to these places. It only takes 1 person to spread the virus like wild fire and this was the perfect storm.

Why was this decision made so suddenly? Is there something going on that we don't know about?
It seems really suspicious that the whole country would be put into hysteria to control the virus when we were doing our daily jobs and hiding in our homes.

 This was the crowd in the supermarket, no thanks, I came back home! What happens when the atms run out of money? Who will refill it if the banks are close?? This is going to get ugly fast!

It really seems like a zombie movie is playing.


  1. Wow. Hope you stay safe! I'll be checking your blog every day. Sending prayers and positive vibes. Hugs!

  2. Thanks! My happiness about not having work for 2 weeks was killed off when they closed the restaurants ..hahaha.....


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