Sunday, March 1, 2020

IKEA and a new extension to 360 Mall

After lunch my friend wanted ice cream so I suggested Marble Slab in 360 so we could get ice cream and check out the new IKEA. It's located in the new extension of 360, you cross over on a covered walkway leading you to an airy mall full of plants and greenery. There are several stores open like Addidas, New Balance, Calvin Klein, Polo and a few cafes and restaurants. The food hall has yet to open so in the future there will be more to choose from. 

The IKEA is a mini one level version with a little coffee shop, unfortunately no restaurant or place to get shawerma and hot dogs which is a bit disappointing.

 There was furniture, rugs and some household items but not much to choose from.
One of the beautifully decorated restaurants was a small extension of Dar Hamad, decorated in wood made to look like the roof of old Kuwaiti houses.

There will be a tennis court and Grand Hyatt Hotel opening soon and will be connected to the mall.
'Grand Hyatt Kuwait will offer its visitors 261 standard rooms of 130 square feet (40 square meters) each and will be designed by RTKL architects who already built the iconic 360 Mall, using sophisticated, innovative and unique design and architecture features.'
 The new leisure of the hotel will also include more than 390,000 square feet (120,000 square meters) of luxury shopping markets facilities and a sports Tennis Complex with more than 7.600 seats arenas, with both indoor and outdoor courts for its guests to enjoy.

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