Sunday, July 12, 2020

Aqua Park Kuwait Demolished

I never knew there were plans to totally demolish Aqua Park but sadly it is gone. Another landmark, another activity for families torn down with no plans of replacing it with anything. Shaab Park, Entertainment City, The Ice Skating Rink and Bayt Lothan all historical places with many memories gone and left as empty dirt lots. 

All the slides have been demolished, no more pools and now a dirt lot is left. The construction of McDonald's that replaced Ruby Tuesday is ongoing and won't be done for some time. The go kart track is still there in the back and I think the paintball area is still open. I couldn't handle the heat and humidity to go and check, it was really bad today.


  1. Really sad. I had a great time at AquaPark during Ramadan last year. Thank you for this blog 🙂😌

  2. Whene I was small in my childhood I love Aqua Park a lot In my childhood I went there with my friends and friends and cousin if we find these demolitors we will kill them

  3. Why? Just why Kuwait?

  4. These psychos ruined my toddler journeys by breaking down the places where I went on my journey they broke down . Aqua park,Sha’ab park,entertainment city, in 2021 they’ll fix these places back

  5. I’ll kill the people who demolish aqua park , Sha’ab park, entertainment city

    1. in fact, i have two questions : how many aquaparks in kuwait are there and what's the name of the park who they demolished ?


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