Sunday, July 26, 2020

Seaside restaurants Update

After Al Shaya bought up most of the restaurants along Gulf Road here a few updates. Below is the old McDonald's which has been turned into a Burger King / Pizza Hut. The change baffles me as I don't think BK is as popular as McD's especially after they changed their fries, I haven't eaten there since. I wonder if they will close down the BK/Pizza Hut currently on the beach in Salmiya? It's really old and gross.
 The old sheesha/restaurant is now Villa Fayrouz
 The old Le Notre is now Dean & Deluca / Aisha's and is now open for business, well take away business.
There was a group of restaurants located beside the Towers, those are now under construction as well. I remember when they first opened and were so nice and expensive. There was no indication on what it will be turned into.

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  1. The restaurant is Asha's not Aisha's. :D


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