Sunday, September 20, 2020

World Cleanup Day 2020 - Kuwait

Today I teamed up with @trashtagkuwait and headed to Jahra early in the morning eventually ending up in Khuwaisat, a place I had never heard of or visited until today. The Google directions took some of us to another exit which had us driving through the middle of the desert not knowing exactly where to go and a lot of people with their luxury sedans getting stuck and one Harley guy who thought his motorcycle could also 4x4.

There were six different areas with section two for the VIP people and other areas for normal people

As the day went on it got really hot and a few people were getting heat stroke, I myself had to leave early due to nausea from being over heated

 I did find some old bottles to add to my antique collection and a 50 fil coin from the 90's

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