Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Joy Tea in Avenues - Bubble Teas

I saw this place last year in Avenues but didn't have time to stop by, my friend and I had some shopping and on our way out passed by. I've been looking for a bubble tea place that had tapioca bubbles, not the weird smelling brown sugar ones. Majority of the staff are Chinese which was pretty cool, making the place more authentic. There were a lot of customers and the staff were busy with delivery orders as well. I got the milk tea and my friend ordered the matcha tea flavor. 

 It was a good tea and I liked the tapioca bubbles but the price was high considering the size and amount of ice. The milk tea was 2.500 KD and matcha small one was 2.750 KD so it's probably a one time thing for me. Their shop is located in the middle of the mall beside Qatar National Bank and their IG is @joyteacn 

According to their IG if you spend more than 5 KD you can get a free soufflé pancake although we didn't know that two days ago, and they responded with 'it's not available every day' so I guess your lucky if you actually get one?

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