Thursday, September 24, 2020

Darah Restaurant Complex - Abu Hassani

On one of my exploring Kuwait days I came across this new complex in Abu Hassani called Darah. It isn't complete yet and there are only a couple of restaurants and a café open. You can find future images of it complete on their IG @darahkw which remind me of Al Kout.

One of the restaurants that is open is Abu Hassani Market restaurant (which is followed by Safa Al Hashem) a cute little restaurant serving a variety of dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

On the the other side there is a Turkish restaurant named Izmir which according to their IG claim to be 'the first of its kind in Kuwait'. After looking over their account I saw there is another location in the Boulevard Salmiya. Located on the second floor is View Café with a real nice 'view' of the sea. It looks like they opened in September 2019, not sure if it was a sheesha type place or not. 
Casa Gym is for ladies and looks like it's currently open for business, from their IG they have a ladies salon inside as well. Some of their classes include belly dancing, spinning and HIIT.

The location over looks the beach where many people gather to swim and tan along the shoreline. 

Some IG accounts for more info: @casagymkw @darahkw @izmir_restaurant @viewcafekw

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