Saturday, September 26, 2020

Ushk Coffee

Late nights on IG show you all kinds of tempting desserts and foods and on of which caught my eye. The saffron milk ice cream, I love everything saffron and had to try it. Located in Mall 30 in Abu Hassani which is a really nice complex, more so in the winter for outside gathering. I love the industrial feel of the place, which has a neat study area in the back, bar seating and some couches to relax on. 

The staff were so nice and helpful with all of my crazy requests for my pictures.
I had of course, the milk saffron ice cream sitting on a slice of saffron cake. The ice cream was just amazing but the cake was dry and needed to be soaked in milk which would be complete.

I think I paid 2.500 KD for the dessert, I would go back again for the ice cream alone! For more information visit their IG @ushkcoffee

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