Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I miss Cafe Du Monde

With all this talk of Mardi Gras and Louisiana I remember the days of my childhood when we used to pile into the car and drive to New Orleans from Pensacola. I knew the first stop was Cafe Du Monde for their beignets. The powder sugar got all over your face, clothes and hands. I also remember collecting masks from each visit to add to my collection at home.

When I was back in Pensacola last year I found a little tiny portable kitchen in the parking lot of a Technical School with huge letters spelling out beignets. I took a sharp turn right up to the window. I placed my order and within minutes I had hot fresh beignets. YUM!!!! Of course I ate them immediately ending up with powdered sugar everywhere, from my clothes to the backseat of the car but it was worth it.

It took me back to those days as a child being with my parents. I took some home to my kids and told them about my family trips to Louisiana. I had only had beignets one other time in California at the French restaurant in Downtown Disney. It wasn't even close to New Orleans.

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