Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Crazy car auction in Jahra

I've always heard about the car auction in Jahra but never visited, (now I know why) but I decided to tag along with my husband who was trying to sell our car. After a long trip down towards Jahra he showed me the "exit" for the auction. After going to one on-ramp connected to another on-ramp we took a sharp right off the highway.

There was nothing in site. Was he messing with me? After a muddy, rocky terrain and huge holes we turned a corner and there it was.... the auction site. Talk about chaos! Hundreds of guys with hundreds of crappy cars. I always thought it would a good place to look at cars.... WRONG! There were massive amounts of people gathered everywhere yelling prices.

I did cover myself as best as I could but I was a walking freak show, guess they never saw an American chick at the auction? We got lost and couldn't find the car and it was getting dark which meant very soon everyone would leave at once and the road home is not so great.

I've been to many places in Kuwait and Inshallah I will visit them all but this is the worst place I've ever been. Totally uncomfotable feeling and I just wanted out of that place. It's something on my bucket list and it will be crossed off for good.

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