Monday, February 27, 2012

Kuwait's Celebrations

Do the children really know what these days of celebration are? I wonder how many children would really know what they are celebrating?

National Day celebrates independence of Kuwait from Britain in 1961 and the reign of Sheikh Abdullah Al Salim Al Sabah, the Emir who guided Kuwait during this transformation and who earned the moniker “Father of the Constitution.”

Liberation Day celebrates the liberation of Kuwait by multi-national forces from a 7 month occupation by Iraq, February 26, 1991. Over 1,400 Kuwaiti citizens died during the occupation and 605 POWs. I wonder if the new generation know the details of what happened and that they should truly be celebrating independace rather than fighting and abusing people on the streets.

During my first visit to Kuwait in 2003 the celebrations were really nice and not too violent. A few years ago I got sprayed in the face with foam when I got out to clean my windshield after a punk kid lifted my wipers and sprayed the whole car with foam. I really didn't think they would have attacked me when I tried to clean the windshield so I could drive.

My mom and kids were attacked one year when some punk kids opened the door of the car and sprayed them in their faces. There is no way to get out of traffic either one you get in the middle of it. My mom's husband works in security and told my mom they received dozens of calls from people stuck in the parking lot of the Avenues. They were almost crying because they had been stuck in traffic for 3 hours trying to get out.

I saw pictures of parades and people really celebrating on Mark's blog. The old days were so much calmer and had true meaning. Trying to protect the new generation from the past has led to them going wild with no rules. The kids of today are so mean and hateful and don't respect anyone, not even their parents. The escalating rapes, violence and kidnappings is really scary.

I think two days off is enough, anything more than that causes problems. The rich travel out of Kuwait, the smart people stay home and the out of control ones are in the streets messing with innocent people. All the kids know is that they have a lot of days off from school and they get to go out and spray people with water.

I pray for those who lost their lives during the war. What would they think of the new generation?


  1. we stayed home to avoid the crzay things happening on the streets..

  2. I couldn't agree more. The past several years have been fun and had an overall feeling of true celebration -- now it's just becoming a yearly bunch of nonsense. More and more people from neighboring countries are coming to do nothing more than show off their cars and play loud music while disrespecting the locals and families who are truly in the spirit of the real holiday. Like you said, I doubt many of the people out there now even know what's being celebrated.


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