Friday, February 24, 2012

Kuwait Concours 2012 Pictures

We finally made it to the car show even if it was on the last day. Traffice was a nightmare of course but we got lucky and found a great parking space. It was awesome! I just love the mix of old and new, especially the Phantom, that's my favorite car besides Murcielago. The first section was great but walking in Marina Crescent was awful as the crowds of people were everywhere.

Not easy to walk with strollers and little ones through the wave of people. This is the first public event I have gone to in years. I would like to attend more but Kuwait has become overcrowded and it's hard to enjoy anything with people pushing and shoving.

Overall it was a great event. As we were leaving the winds started to pick up, messing up some of the displays. Definitely time to go!

I hope this becomes an annual event.


  1. It is annual know, this year was the third time, to be honest last years was better and rich with cars, hope next year will be better!

  2. Third time? Really? I don't remember hearing about it before. Let's see what next year brings. :)


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