Monday, March 26, 2012

Old Kuwaiti Recipes

Since I'm addicted to "khabooth" (however you spell it) I looked online for the recipe. I could not find it at all. I'm so sad. I looked on amazon for any old Kuwaiti recipe books and only found one which is pictured below. It's from the 70's but they want $60 for it? Really???? A friend of mine has a website which featured some old recipes, I copied them but no recipe for Khabooth. I can't really explain khabooth except it's like a thick soup with meat, spinach? and dumplings. Next time I will take a picture of it.

Hubby says his mom knows how so maybe she can show me but I'm bummed that there aren't any old Kuwaiti recipe books. So if anyone wants to contribute some old Kuwaiti family recipes please do. I would love to make a recipe book for my daughter to have in the future. Everything from the past is slowly disappearing....

This book is from the 70's but I would never pay $60 for it. So readers if you have any old Kuwaiti recipies please send them to me as I would love to try to cook some.


  1. There is definately a market for vintage books on Kuwait, but I would think a more appropriate price would be 15-25usd.
    Better Books and Cafe has a copy of ARABIAN GULF COOKBOOK signed by Suzy Wells (Both Suzy and her husband Keith wrote many books while in Kuwait during the 70's. Classic books).
    Better Books offers the book to you at a blogge's discount.
    Come see us,
    Better Books and Cafe
    we're on Facebook and are 4 minutes away from Operation Hope

  2. You should share your recipes :)

  3. If you would like some recipes send me an email and I will send you some!

  4. Zubaidi Majboos recipe:

    There is also a site with a couple Saudi sisters called "Arabic Bites" that has khaleeji food. Specifically, Saudi style, but it'll give you a vague idea to go on, and you can then ask family/friends for the different tweaks that make the Kuwaiti version different from the Saudi-


  5. Check out my blog on this issue because we will be having lots of old Kuwaiti recipes and more ! :)
    We also have twitter: @muslimtradition and Instagram @tradional_muslim Keep in touch :)


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