Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Where have all the waiters/waitresses gone to?

I had lunch at Applebee's in Abu Halaifa last week and noticed the staff was all new. There were only a few Filipino waiters/waitresses left. The new staff was Egyptians. Where have all the Filipinos gone to? Sorry, but the they make the best staff for restaurants. They understand me and I can understand them as well. I know Buffalo's replaced the staff with waiters from India a couple years ago. I'm sure most of the Filipinos have gone to KBOSS contract on Arifjan, it's a lot more money for them. I say congrats but now it's a little more complicated trying to order at the restaurants in my area.

I've heard it's really expensive to recruit Filipinos as a lot of them have some type of hospitality degree. One American guy who married one of the Filipina waitresses was asked to pay 1000 KD for her release. I think the Egyptian manager was trying to make some money. He might have had to pay back her recruiting cost but 1000 KD? Sorry but it's sometimes difficult to understand Indian and Egyptian waiters so I let my husband order in Arabic in hopes they understood what I wanted. It's a shame, the old Filipino manager was a really nice guy. Times are changing...


  1. Its good actually. Very Few Filipinos are Muslims and Kuwaiti Men cheat with them. Also Our Egyptian and Indian Muslim brothers need to be given the first chance when it comes to jobs than non muslims.

  2. Um.... ok but not all Indians and Egyptians are Muslim either and Filipinos make better staff than the others. Maybe you can understand them but as an American who speaks English I sometimes don't have a clue what they are saying.

  3. To the comment above:"Anonymous" It doesn't matter if the Filipinos aren't Muslims! Kuwaiti Men will cheat if they want to!! If that is a genuine concern of yours wouldn't you want Kuwaitis working there first?
    Also if there was more Kuwaitis working in the country there would most likely be less expats needed here!

  4. Hey Crazy in Kuwait i love your blog, but i noticed you said you would let your husband order in arabic. Is he middle eastern ?if so where from,i'm presonely married to an American and live in the States well till now, i'm heading to KUWAIIIT :)

  5. Thanks Rana! My hubby is Kuwaiti. When are you coming to Kuwait? It's starting to get hot already :)

  6. yup how z moi waiters have any one visited


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