Monday, March 12, 2012

Restaurant Updates

Taco Bell- Abu Halaifa
I don't know about the other locations but it seems they have run out of taco sauces. They have new nacho chips too. I went to the Abu Halaifa branch and discovered the differences. It's like all of the other American restaurants that get their items from the states, at some point they run out of something and it takes forever to re-order. I do have a secret stash of sauces but I don't like the new nacho chips.

Rupiya Restaurant- Abu Halaifa
I decided to try them out last night. We ordered the maroubian and ghaboot. I waited 2 hours for them to fix ghaboot. Finally at 8 pm we got the order. It doesn't even compare to Freej Swaeleh. Some of the shrimp were hard even though we ordered the "fresh" shrimp plate. I wasn't feeling too great after that. Disappointed to say the least.

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