Sunday, March 25, 2012

Old Kuwaiti exhibit- Proud 2 B Kuwaiti Event

I was so happy to see an old Kuwaiti exhibit at the Proud 2 B Kuwaiti event. It was awesome to see the guys making the clay pottery items and pounding each gold tack into the wooden chest. I wish there were more people interesting in learning the old Kuwaiti building techniques. If there were more areas that focused on old Kuwaiti arts and crafts then maybe more people would be interested.

The area where Lulu Hypermarket is located is supposed to be a "handicraft" area that's why they want to close down Lulu. They closed down several other businesses as they were not "handicraft" type businesses. I haven't seen any markets for arts and crafts. I would love to fill my house with old Kuwaiti items but I have only seen work at Sadus House for bedouin rugs and some ladies selling a few items at Friday Market. If only people would focus some attention to the fading arts and crafts of the old days instead of getting everything from China.

There should be a dedicated area in Mubarakiya for them. There should be more classes for people who are interested. The next generation will only know about these items when they see them in books or in museums. It seems like other GCC countries still try to preserve their heritage with "heritage villages" for arts and crafts but sometimes I get the feeling as if everyone here is trying to forget where they came from. Everyone is too focused on driving fancy cars and wearing the latest trends. I'm trying my best to buy items and books from the old days to give to my little ones so they can see where their father and grandfather came from instead of going to the museum.

There's not too many old people left which means very few stories about the old days will be told. Shouldn't someone take the time to preserve what little bit of history is left?

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