Friday, May 25, 2012

Animal Prisoners of Friday Market

I really don't like Friday Market but that's the only place I know of to buy fish supplies. They have closed down a part of it where they had dog fighting. I think they should enlose all of the buildings so humans and animals can have some A/C.


  1. Can someone free the animals and then put the human abusers in these cages under the same despicable conditions.

  2. You said Market?!? Are these animals for food or pets?

  3. hey, i don't know if you still go to the friday market for fish supplies but there is a petshop close to Avenues mall, I've forgotten the area I'm sorry but it's much better than the friday market and all animals are there legally

    They also stock pretty good quality merchandise
    I used to go there for my dogs and fish xx


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