Monday, May 21, 2012

Random Stuff

On my home from work yesterday I saw a guy driving down the highway on two wheels, finally after more than eight years I saw it live. I've seen the videos and wanted to try it out but after marriage those things stop and since I haven't gone to Qatar too often to see it live I thought I would never see it. Little things like that make my day.

When I got home I noticed an Arab lady pull up in her Mercedes with a baby seat in the front seat facing the window! I watched her park her car and get out with 6 inch heels on trying to get her baby bag and purse, she shut the door with the baby in the hot car. I was really hoping there wasn't a baby in the seat but she went to the passenger side and got her baby out. Does she not know that a baby should never be put in the front seat? Either the kids are running wild in the car or a child is in a car seat and still in danger. I remember in the states a lady had her baby in a car seat in the front seat facing the window and she hit a curb while parking, the air bag went off and decapitated her baby.

I'm all for fashion but trying to carry a baby and balance bags while wearing 6 inch heels is not the best move. A fancy two door sports car is not really kid friendly either. Just sayin'.

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