Thursday, May 10, 2012

Little boy lying on the highway after a car Accident

Last sunday I saw a horrific accident where boy parts were strewn across the highway which bothered me greatly. Yesterday on my way home from work once again I came up on cars with flashers, it was another accident. Not a big deal until a white T-shirt caught my eye. In between the two crashed cars there was a little boy wearing a white T-shirt and jean shorts, he was about 2-3 years old lying there unconscious, I hope. He was lying on his stomach with his legs tucked underneath as if he were sleeping. I lost it after that, I just started to cry and prayed for him and hoped he was ok.

There was no one there to hold his hand or console him. Just a group of men yelling at cars and waving their hands as the boy layed there all alone. I thought about pulling over and running to the boy if only to hold his hand but I know that there would be problems. Unfortunately in Kuwait if you try to help you could be held liable if something happens to that person so people just drive past accident scenes. My heart goes out to that family and I pray for the little boy to recover Inshallah.

This is the exact reason I brought car seats with me from the US for my kids. Why can't people understand that holding a child is the worst thing a parent can do. Even if the police enforce this law no one will follow as the police are not respected here and I could only imagine a cop trying to pull over a Kuwaiti man and telling him to buckle his kids up or to wear a seatbelt. That guy would probably kick the cop's butt. Until parents care enough to buckle up their kids they will continue to face heartache when they kill or hurt their kids due to negligence.

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