Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shabestan Iranian Restaurant

While visiting Crowne Plaza for a function my husband and I decided to have dinner there. We started off at Ribeye Steakhouse, until I saw the prices on the menu. It has been a couple of years since I last ate there and wow the prices have increased too much. I decided to go next door to the Irani restaurant, their prices are reasonable and the food is really good. You also get complimentary yoghurt/cucumber side and fresh Irani bread.

We chose the set menu in which you get salad and your meal included in one price or you can order the meal for 2 which is also good. The only bad thing is once you've completed your meal you will want to take a nap!

Contact Info: 1848111 extension 7777/7778- Crowne Plaza
Hours: 12 noon- 12 am
http://www.kuwait.crowneplaza.com/ for online reservations

There is also a new location next to Shaab Park
Contact Info: 1823888 or 25636587 extension 103

Home Delivery is also available.


  1. How much was the steakhouse and Irani restaurant?

  2. The steakhouse started from 6.950 KD and upwards of 11 KD. The Irani restaurant started off in the 4 KD and upwards. It was 12 KD for the meal for 2 people. You can also visit their websites and view the menus and prices.

  3. OK...Thanks for the info... :D

    -John USA


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