Friday, May 4, 2012

Part of Avenues mall new expansion is for small Businesses

Mabanee Real Estate Company, overseeing the Avenues Mall project, said that part of the mall's new expansion will be allocated for Kuwaiti small businesses.
The company said in a press release, on Wednesday, that the leasing process of stores in the new expansion phase was complete. Kuwaiti owners of these small businesses were required to pay nominal fees for rent in means of support.
The new expansion will add a new dimension to the mall. It takes the form of an old Kuwaiti souk with old architectural designs and narrow allies, making the Avenues one of the most prestigious malls in the world.
The mall will have an overall leasable area of more than 270,000 square meters, with over 800 stores and parking for 10,000 cars. The total project development will cost around 300 million Kuwaiti dinars (over one billion US dollars).

I spoke with the old manager for Applebee's and he said his new job will be working at Red Lobster which is set to open in the Avenues around September! Olive Garden, IHOP and Texas Roadhouse are also set to open up soon! I saw a job ad for IHOP on one of the websites hiring cooks, so yes it is coming soon. I can't say how much I hate going to the Avenues due to traffic congestion. There should be more outside parking so people don't have to get caught up in the problems of underground parking.

The best advice is to go before 2 p.m. as you avoid traffic and there are not too many people there.

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