Sunday, March 9, 2014

Gazelle Club Kuwait 2014

I wanted to see inside what used to be the Gazelle Club so I took a walk behind the wall, along the beach and took some pictures. It's lonely now and the pier is used still by fishermen. 

 I could only imagine what memories these sea walls hold...


  1. Hiya, I used to go there in the late 70's early 80's with my parents, so sad to see only the pier is left, all the buildings the basement with the snooker tables and the 60's 10 pin bowling alley all gone along with the pool and the squash courts. Wierd!
    Cheers, John

    1. I too have fond memories of the gazelle club. With my father sailing in the 70's / 80's

  2. From the few pictures I've seen it must have been a cool place to hang out. I finally decided to go around the wall and see what was left, unfortunately there was nothing at all except the pier. Most of the past has been erased in Kuwait, I try to photograph what's left for my kids to see as it will all be gone one day. You have memories at least.

  3. Where exactly is it located?


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