Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sears in Kuwait Magic Mall

For those who don't want to drive to Farwaniya to go to Sears there's a smaller one in Kuwait Magic in Abu Halaifa.

It only has a few items mostly for women, I love the shoes but I would kill myself if I wore them.


  1. Sears is in hawally too.

  2. Now that you mentioned it I did see Sears going up in Hawally a long time ago but I can't begin to think about getting into that traffic but it's a bigger one so I just might check it out one day. Thanks!

    1. i have never been to Magic mall. Whats inside? My friend said its only for women & all cloths

  3. Well it's a small store with limited men's clothing, mostly for women, I found a couple of shirts for my son but nothing fancy. Magic Mall itself is full of non-brands of clothing, a play area for kids and shisha outside I don't go to it very often.


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