Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Street Vendors Beware - Permits needed Soon

New guidelines mulled for mobile food vendors Consumer health vital: official
 KUWAIT CITY, March 25, (KUNA): Chairman of the Municipal Council Mhalhal Al-Khalid presented a proposal recently listing new regulations and requirements to organize the activities of mobile food vendors and delivery services to guarantee consumer health, stating it is time to follow suit other GCC countries in this regard. Al-Khalid told reporters the Municipal Council sees it as part of its responsibility to support the executive bodies of Kuwait Municipality through issue of regulations organizing these activities, to help keep up with the boom in such businesses.

The proposal is in favor of allowing permits for such activities in parks and entertainment utilities, shopping centers, cooperative societies, sea resorts and chalet areas, and agricultural farms and livestock farms. It also suggests banning the activity on highways and public streets. The permits should also be given after thorough consideration of the exact location for the activity, with factors such as drafts, sun exposure, and overall exposure to the elements and insects, birds, and critters taken in consideration. A mobile unit must also meet strict guidelines in terms of structure and equipment, he proposed, to guarantee safety of all items to be sold to consumers.

There should also be regulations on utensils, both used in preparation or actual sale of food items. He also suggests fixed equipment, power lines, and linkage with the main sewage system at the sites where such activity is to be licensed, with appropriate safety precautions and criteria. The proposal came with an item suggesting fees to be paid to the municipality in exchange of utilizing a set space. It also indicates that should items be prepared in a location other than that of the mobile unit, strict guidelines for preparation and storage, and for consumption dates and information should be

Well, it was just a matter of time before the Ministry caught wind of the pop-up markets happening around Kuwait. People should realize that advertising all over Instagram, Twitter and other avenues will eventually lead to popularity and then the government getting involved. Now they want their money! How dare any citizens make money without giving the government their share, we all know how 'easy' it is to start up a business here right? (sarcasm)

The one time I visited Shakshooka market the popo showed up and everyone ran.

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