Saturday, April 19, 2014

Carribean Hut Restaurant

 Ibrahim Bader Al Boreeqee Chef and owner of Caribbean Hut Restaurant Kuwait and his father.

A native of Puerto Rico and born in El Condado, Puerto Rico in the early eighties, due to the military he moved around a lot between and began cooking at the age of 8 under the supervision of his mother. With the direction of his grandparents who consisted of a Home Economics teach and a Chef/Restauranteur/Hotelier, he was able to increase his knowledge and love of cooking. His official training comes from a basic culinary course sponsored by the Georgia National Guard and the time spent working in some of Georgia’s dining facilities at the age of 16; continuing his training by working for restaurants like Waffle House, Country Pride Restaurant, among others.

Fresh  piña colada drink
 Bacalaitos/cod fish fritters
Mofongo- pulled beef with a side of plantains

The chef and his father were very nice and love their business. On this day they weren't able to serve some of their specialties as they were out of some of the imported ingredients. The bacalaitos were good but a little too much oil. I loved the mofongo, next time a little less salt but the piña colada was really good. I would go back when they have more variety but when a business imports their ingredients you have a 50/50 chance of getting certain dishes. They are open from 3pm-11pm Tuesday thru Sunday and closed on Mondays, you can find out more by visiting their website.


  1. I'm going to re-post your post if you don't mind - with credits of course. Thank you so much for your review! I can't wait to go there.

  2. Sure! Go right ahead, you should visit, the guys are really nice and the food is pretty good.

  3. Ordered dinner at the Caribbean Hut on Saturday last. My experience with the food :
    1) Chicken Empanadillas – The outer covering was hard and a little oily. The chicken was like tuna fish mixed with mayo. It was smelling a bit. (Not smelling stale. I mean, too much Chicken smell hitting your mouth.) I’d skip this dish. They did not have the Beef Empanadillas.

    2) Beef Carne – The only good dish of the day. Was tasty and the beef was well done. I found the rice too starchy and sticky.

    3) Trinidadian Chicken Curry – (Please note, this dish has very little gravy.) This dish was not tasty at all. The chicken pieces (boneless) were chunky and like rubber. The flavour was not that great. The spices were powdery on the tongue. This chicken was smelling a bit too (Again, not stale. Like boiled chicken. The spices had not caught on to the chicken.) I recommend this dish be skipped.

    4) A ball of fried plantain and a piece of beef stake – I forget what the dish is called. The plantain was tasty (a little sweet, although I had checked with the dad before hand and asked him if it would be sweet. He had said they use raw, green plantains and it wouldn’t be sweet. Still it was not bad at all. )

    The beef stake was Rare… too hard and just couldn’t bite it. I think I should have told him I want it well done. I wouldn’t buy this dish again.

    The place is simple and clean. All in all, not at all impressed with the food or the flavour. Comparatively, Indian, Arabic and Thai food is so wonderful. I really didn’t like it and wouldn’t visit again. If you like Indian, Arabic and Chinese, Thai food, you will not enjoy this food at all.

    I’d give it 1 star out of 5.

  4. Thanks for the info, I haven't been back there. It didn't taste the same as some I've tried in the states but I wish him all the best.


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