Friday, January 29, 2016

Gulf Road closed for Hala Feb Celebrations

KUWAIT: Relations and Security Department at the Interior Ministry said that preparations have been made for Hala February carnival, including security and traffic. Gulf road will be closed from 1:00 am today – starting from Third Ring Road to the British Embassy cross-roads (from the seaside) – then both directions will be closed starting at 9:00 am. Several public’s parking lots have designated. They include; Graduates society parking and the open area next to it; Parking next to the embassies area; The Martyrs Hall parking; Daeya Coop parking; Parking across from Sharq police and the open area across from Souq Sharq.

A.      Hala February Theater
B.      Heritage vehicles exhibition
C.      Kuwait Al-Atta (giving) march
D.      Vehicles exhibition
E.     Children play ground
F.     Medvac (choppers)
G.      Restaurants
H.      Embassies
I.     Small business
J.     Children exhibition
K.     Youth skills
L.     Info Ministry Studio
M.     Sea show
N.      Air show
O.      VIP stand
P.      Sea performance
Q.      Air performance
R.     Kuwait Atta vehicles march
S.     Concert

Kuwait Al-Atta March activities:

1:00 pm     Sea show
2:00 pm     Air Show
3:30 pm     Kuwait Atta Vehicles March
8:00 pm     Concert

--I bet Kuwait will be trying its best to attract tourists and make it seem like a place to put on one's bucket list.

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