Saturday, January 30, 2016

More restaurant complexes coming Soon- The Flamingo, The Dining and Tasters Eat Retreat

I've noticed several restaurant complexes coming up along highway 30, I didn't realize just how many there were. There are about 10 in the process of being built from Messila down to Abu Hasani area. Here are some of the ones in Abu Hasani.

The Flamingo complex is being built on the land that once had the Flamingo Oasis Hotel hence the name 'Flamingo'.
 I didn't see any name for this one..

 A few feet from the one above is one called 'The Dining'...
 Further down in the area is the nice looking 'Tasters Eat Retreat'

Some of these are being built on land that should have houses, I feel sorry for the people living in the area next to these places, they are going to see crowds, traffic and noise soon. The one above is a little difficult to get to as it is on a side street in front of the highway surrounded by houses. I wonder how they come up with the names of these places.


  1. I think the fact that those areas are considered affluent makes those complex more appealing.

    Coming up with a decent name should be the easiest part.

  2. Oh yeah! More type 2 diabetes! wooo hooo

  3. The one you did not see a name for, is called Mall 30 :) also there is "The Yard" & "The Lake" right next to Divonne, also Aquarium Lounge next to Spoons

  4. I saw all of them as for 'Aquarium Lounge" it's only a sign and no construction is going on.


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