Thursday, February 18, 2016

Guy dances on car then beats Kuwaiti Cop

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 17: A 33-year-old Bedoun, along with a 31-year-old Jordanian, a 19-year-old Syrian, a 22-year-old Egyptian and a 23-year-old Kuwaiti, were arrested for consuming alcohol and disrupting public order in Farwaniya.

Security officers, including a lance corporal, rushed to the scene after the Operations Unit in the Interior Ministry received information about a public brawl in the area and a person who was strip dancing on top of cars.

Upon arrival at the scene, the officers saw the Bedoun dancing on top of a car while removing his clothes one by one. He carried out the act from one vehicle to another until he noticed the police patrol. He approached the officers and started kicking one of them whose rank is lance corporal. He continued kicking the officer and then fled from the scene.

The officer was taken to Farwaniya Hospital as he sustained injuries in different parts of his body.

Meanwhile, four others — the Jordanian, Syrian, Egyptian and Kuwaiti — were arrested as they were found to be involved in the fight along with the Bedoun who was also arrested later. Preliminary investigations revealed all five were under the influence of drugs. A case was registered and the suspects were referred to the relevant security department.

-----Sorry but I laughed out loud when I saw this

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