Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Old Kuwaiti house in Abu Hasani

I never thought I would come across an old Kuwaiti house in Abu Hasani considering how expensive the land is but I found this beautiful place close to the beach and I can only imagine what it was like when people lived there. The land is huge, enough for 3 houses and it is just open with three old structures and a new modern style chalet being built by the sea.

 I wonder what they had..chickens, goats???

 I love the windows

It would be awesome if they would restore it and use it as a hotel for people who want to see what old Kuwaiti life once was.

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  1. You can see some of the few dywanias that were built in the pre-oil era along Gulf Road, for example, the AlMulla dywania. I think it's next to the tower where Citibank is, very close to Souq Sharq.


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