Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Little park in Abu Hasani

I always like to go to areas and drive around to see what I can find. I came across this cute little park next to the beach in Abu Hasani. It was nice and clean, probably because no one knows about it. If you do visit please clean up after yourselves and treat the equipment as if you paid for it so that others can enjoy as well.

I hate to see parks open up with new equipment and after 2 months the whole thing is destroyed by people who think everyone owes them something.


  1. Its a nice park, but unfortunately, the water over there often smells like poo in warmer weather. :D I know... because my dog likes to jump in the sea.... yeah.... nice rides home...

  2. Ya, I've been to this place a while back and it looks likes it's gotten a well deserved upgrade. very secluded gem of a place.
    I agree, there're a lot of pigs out there with no respect for public spaces.


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