Monday, February 13, 2017

Global Bilingual Academy..a school of Nightmares?

UPDATE! It seems this was shared on a FB page and a lot of cruel remarks were made which I don't appreciate! This story is a warning for you people out there not an invitation to talk shit on the situation. A bunch of bitter women decided to make cruel comments on that FB page to the extent that the post had to be removed. It seems everyone was accusing the mother of not pursuing the case which makes her a bad mother. What kind of heartless females are you? I didn't go into details about the reasoning behind her decision to not go further as it doesn't concern anyone and yes, the case is still open. If you had already paid over 5000 KD for your kids schooling do you think you would pull them out with no refund? As for them being in government schools. my kids are in government school and it is crap! If the Arabic language of the children is weak the kids will be eaten up by the students and teachers so if she decided to go with a Western schooling don't judge her, worry about yourself not others.

Someone told me about a Western female who wanted to enroll her children in an American curriculum based school due to the difficulty of the IGCSE exams given by British schools. She enrolled them into Global Bilingual Academy in Mahboula. I admired the school for the activities they had and thought it would be a really nice school for her kids. There were many Western teachers there and everything seemed to be going great.

Her daughter needed extra help with Arabic so an Egyptian teacher was brought in to help her. Shortly after he daughter didn't want to go to school and was feeling sick more than normal. She finally told her mother the tutor had been abusing her by pulling her hair, pinching, slapping and telling her bad names. Unfortunately my friend's husband was out of Kuwait at the time so she went to the police station and filed a case with no support, which is a horror story in itself. The police called the school and told them to bring the teacher to the station, after several more calls she finally showed up an hour later. The police told my friend if she files a case then she would have to go to court and it would be hard on her daughter so they let the teacher sign a good conduct letter which is typical of Kuwait. This is why no one is scared of the police or laws because they know what a headache it is to go to the courts, take time off of work and in the end nothing will happen.

The teacher is also on a visa 22 which by law is an illegal employee, their excuse was her visa is being processed. So the teacher is still working at the school and the Arab teacher mafia is pointing and making rude remarks to her children because they can't transfer schools until the end of the year. The Western teachers have left, although there may be one or two of them present and the school will put them in certain places to make sure the parents see them so they won't realize most of them have left. There are also stories of the teachers jerking arms and being rough with the smaller kids.

Parents, if your child starts to hate school or feel anxious about going that is a red light, please check on the school and show up unexpected to see if anything is going on. A school will look so nice and beautiful on the outside but inside there are horror stories. Parents pay a fortune for their kids to go to school but we all know they get a third class education at best.


  1. OMG. :( This is horrible.

    This is something I genuinely fear when my kids are old enough to go to "big school".

    What are the better schools in Kuwait? I see lot of new schools popping up with lots of fancy facilities but nothing beats a school with a good track record.

  2. Thank you for shining a light on this hell hole.

    I can't believe the parent didn't slap the shit out of that teacher.

  3. I shared this on my page as an informative post. My wife isn't expat teacher and while my family and I did t agree with her choice to teach abroad for a while she has admittingly said that there is no place like home. That said, domestic schools aren't immune to the theme and events contained in this story either

    Sad but true, just the facts

  4. I saw all the comments on that FB ur talking about! Wish someone would post this so all those bored bitter rude women would see how shallow they are! Sometimes some women can be so disgusting and nasty! It's easy for them to judge when they don't have a clue about real life issues! So glad you updated this post just wish someone would copy paste the updated version lol. Hope the girl and her family are doing ok.


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