Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Beggars in Kuwait

Even with the threat of deportation beggars and children selling stuff in the middle of the street is still taking place. The video is of a lady making her rounds around the car washes in Fahaheel, I've got a family to take care of and support so I feel offended when they ask for money. We all know no one except bedoon are here without some kind of visa. Most of these people come on visitors visa and make some quick money then go back home.

Last night we were in Mubarakiya, a place where visitors go for tourism. First there was a small boy around six years old going from table to table asking for money. The above teenager came after the boy left asking for money. One guy gave him some and he walked off to this phone store and proceeded to count a huge wad of cash like nothing. After counting it he put it in his pocket and went back outside begging again. I know these kids are not on their own and there is some gang behind it taking advantage of them. Wasn't Kuwait voted as a humanitarian country? Yet this continues and everyone turns a blind eye. I really like seeing the kids selling stuff in the street right next to the cops on Gulf Street, that proves no one cares. 

I would think there would be some kind of police patrol around places frequented by tourists. What do people think of Kuwait when they see hoards of people begging for money? It's an embarrassment for the country and no one cares, so much for promoting tourism.


  1. i really hate people like you....typical just worried about the image.
    there is beggers in every country in the world.
    just say "thank god" that you are not in his position

    1. Ahh yes, an anonymous douchebag comment, I love it. If you think these people are really poor then you have your head stuck somewhere. I don't have to tell you the facts about most of the people who beg. If they are truly down and out they can go to Bait Zakat to get money instead of begging.

      Obviously you don't know that people in this part of the world don't just come here on their own, they have to have a visa paid by someone meaning they come here for work not to live.

      Please hate me, that just made my day! If you don't like my comments or posts then don't visit my blog, simple!

    2. wtf did u just say

    3. Ghettoness at it's finest! casssh me outside..how bow dah!

  2. dont hate the player,hate the game


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