Thursday, February 23, 2017

Illegal storing of materials lead to Fires

Residents had to be evacuated from their building following a fire broke out at building in Mahboula area yesterday, 30 people were safely evacuated from the building, 6 people were injured including two firefighters, an investigation is opened to know causes of the fire.

----I don't know how many times I have posted about illegal storage in basements of apartment buildings, especially in Mahboula. The one above housed tires which could have killed many due to suffocation. When will beladiya do something about it? Everyone knows that when a building plan is submitted the blue prints must include parking which is in the form of basement parking. Nine out of ten times the basement is used for storage of paints, tires, furniture and other unregulated things.

The people have to park all over because they can't use the basement! Does anyone care? What about the lives of people? If anyone dies the blood will be on the hands of the beladiya, how do they sleep at night?

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