Thursday, February 9, 2017

Zain is mo zain!

 Last night my daughter bought two Zain recharge cards for our phones when she accidentally put her 5 KD on my phone line. I tried to send the balance to her only to receive a message stating I had no validity? I called Zain and found out you have to pay for validity meaning if you want that 5 KD to last longer than the month they give you then you have to pay 5 KD to Zain company in order to let it last that long? We are being taken advantage of in every way these days! I switched my ooredoo line to Zain because they stopped the cheap 1 KD recharge cards.

In the old days you would have plenty of time to use the money you paid for but now the companies have become greedy, when it expires they lock your sim card and then you can't call out and no one can call you, wth! I keep this line active because I've had it since I came to Kuwait and I don't want to lose  it but come on man, it should be up to me when and how I use it. The operator guy was telling me that this started on January 22 and that's how the company is making their money, off the average person. Great job Zain! I wonder if ooredoo does that as well? If not I will switch back!


  1. Unfortunatly all the three cell companies here have united with exact same policies to screw us over, i had three lines for my kids all now needs validity, they want 5kd per month minimum.

  2. u can recharge 1 kd for ooredoo online using their website. using knet thats how i recharge. Have ooredoo for more than 10 years now


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