Saturday, August 26, 2017

Thrifty M.E. - Thrift store in Mahboula

I found this place on Instagram and thought I would stop by. After volunteering with Operation Hope for so long I really miss thrift shopping. It's in a little space of a building where the haris has a key and he takes the money and gives you a receipt. I kind of thought I would meet some American lady who would show me around but it wasn't like that.

There are clothes, shoes and some really expensive purses. I get it, they're LV but it's still a thrift shop unless they are consignment then I would understand but 195KD for a used purse is a lot. Some clothing items were 20KD while others were 3KD.

They have pictures on their IG @thriftymekw where you can also find their location. I did pick up some items as I support charity businesses. I will keep watching for more bargains.

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    I will follow your instruction while going for next thrifting!


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