Sunday, September 24, 2017

Al Kout Mall Closed!

As I drove through Fahaheel I was wondering why they parking of Al Kout was empty on a Saturday night, the reason is that the mall is now closed until October 2018. The side with Sultan Center is still open but they have gutted the shops that used to be on the outside of the mall. It's part of the new mall being built now and it looks as if the mall may not be opening this year but sometime next year.

 If you look closely at the shop names there's Biesel instead of Diesel and Valentino with two 'L'

It looks as if all the people who used to visit Al Kout have now relocated to Gate Mall so be warned there are massive traffic jams around that area.

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  1. Yeah, I spotted the sign outside the mall when I was at the Starbucks last week. No wonder the stores inside were holding clearance sales during the past few months! To be honest though, Al Kout never had much foot traffic, especially with Gate mall opening up, so it won't be much of a loss. I wonder what the new mall will look like.


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