Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Arby's in Kuwait

I had to take a trip to Surra today so while I was waiting for the kids to finish studying I went to Jabriya to check on Arby's and to my delight they were open. I was customer number 3, woohoo. I had the regular Arby meal with curly fries and it was good, how I missed that Arby's sauce! 

 This restaurant has 4 tables and take away, there will be other locations opening up in the near future as well.

 This cookie was simply amazing!
 The manager in his Kuwaiti outfit before he left to the states, I think he looks quite handsome
 This was the smoked turkey ranch bacon sandwich?
They are located in Jabriya close to the complex that has IHOP and Starbucks. You can follow them on their IG @arbyskuwait

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post! Kuwait people now enjoy Arby's meal. The regular Arby meal with curly fries is really good, The cookie was simply amazing, Also, this restaurant has tables for book and take away... Keep it up.


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