Monday, September 18, 2017

Archery in Kuwait

Have you ever wanted to be like Robin Hood or just want to do something different? The Kuwait shooting club building now includes archery, which opened around six months ago and hasn't caught on yet but after giving it a try I am hooked and want to try again as soon as I have time.

 My first shot was a bulls eye, it was all downhill after that

It was 10 KD for I think 18 arrows? There are guys there who will teach how to do it but it will take practice!

Don't forget your guns!

Not bad for shooting a gun for the second time in my life. The guns start off at 6 KD depending on the model.

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  1. Oh cool. Oman needs something like this. We have kids arrows but not the real ones. I have my own set of arrows I bought from back home, and I have my husband's rifle to practice with but we have no range, just shooting areas in the middle of nowhere so you have to have your own gun to practice with (which expats can't buy unless it is an antique model). This is something else to do in Kuwait;). I am making a list. I may come for a trip soon:)


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