Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Quick Inspection in Fahaheel by Al Daman

I'm a little late on this discovery but I did see it a few days ago and renewed by vehicle registration yesterday. I was dreading the process in Jabriya, especially in this heat so I was happy to see this place. For women it's extremely easy, you walk in with your CID and registration and someone will take your documents to be processed while you sit in the small waiting are for females. He will come and ask for your number and the cash for the process, if you don't have cash there's an ATM close to the door which is very convenient.

Once the process is completed you will follow the guy to your car and leave out the back, so quick and easy!

I guess the building has been there for a while and it's right beside my car wash place I've been going to for 11 years. I never noticed it before, I guess that's what I get for making a bee line dash to get out of that area.

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