Thursday, October 26, 2017

The updated dining area in 360 MAll

My friend and I decided to check out 360 Mall, it had been more than a year since I last visited there and Marina Mall is rather boring. We wanted lunch and I knew the area had been updated and I must say it is the best looking dining area I've seen lately in Kuwait. The greenery made the place feel as if you were in another country. It was clean and crisp and the restrooms were clean and smelled good as well compared to other malls.

 The designer of the dining area gets my applause!

 If anyone is looking for Mexican food this restaurant Chili Pepper is in 360 Mall, they serve soft tacos and burritos. I will wait for my visit to Qatar or Dubai where the have amazing Mexican restaurants.

I'm loving these forever roses!


  1. Hey!
    Where are those forever roses??
    Do you know how much they are?

    1. Their stand is downstairs, I think the big ones run around 55 KD


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