Saturday, November 11, 2017

Cuts Steakhouse Kuwait

I've see pictures of the Brazilian meat served on a big skewer table side which looked amazing.  I got the chance to check out their location Gate Mall last week. The restaurant was a little small and the a/c wasn't working too good but we decided to stay for dinner. We ordered the 'all-you-can-eat' steak from the menu, we were served bread, butter and broiled garlic half while we waited.
 As it got closer to the time to be served we were given this wooden plate for our meat.

 The first course was chicken shawerma which I wasn't expecting. Next was the meat pictured below, I asked for it medium well but the one they brought was really well done and dry as I needed to use the barbecue sauce to be able to eat it but I did enjoy that cut. The next meat was a meat kind of shawerma which I tried but didn't really enjoy and finally doner kebab skewer. I can't eat doner kebob because it is way too salty for me.
The last course was cooked pineapple and sausages, the pineapple was good but I didn't try the sausage. Overall I wasn't impressed with the experience and wouldn't go again. As the shawerma meats were being cut the pieces were flying all over the table and the meat I did like was over cooked. Some people have told me it was the location and the other ones are better but for 15 KD a person I wasn't impressed. Everyone can make their own opinion and may have a better experience than I did.

You can follow them on IG @cuts_steakhouse

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