Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Market Cafe in Qatar

Last week I took my daughter to Qatar for her birthday and our local friend had us try out a new cafe concept. There are three Qatari partners who invested in the idea of supporting local up and coming chefs who are selling on IG. There are several mini refrigerators that hold food items from the chefs, they pay a membership to the cafe who in turn supports them with managing and advertising their goods in the cafe.

The cafe also provides different drinks to enjoy while eating the goods from the chefs. The cafe is really cute and has a nice relaxing vibe to it.

 We enjoyed sampling a variety of foods from koshari to cheesecakes.
 This was my favorite as I love anything with saffron

It's nice to see the locals helping new businesses with this concept, Qatar is still new to the whole food business and 'fashionista' social media thing which is good in a way as they are not tainted by money, instead they are generally nice people helping out one another. You can find their location and more info on their IG @marketcafeqa I wish them all the best! We will visit you next time we are in Doha.

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