Sunday, September 9, 2018

Another American drug dealer Arrested

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 8: A few hours following the arrest of a US citizen in Mangaf for distributing drugs of all kinds to students of foreign schools and universities and to Europeans and Asians, personnel from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) are said to have arrested another US citizen identified only as R.D., reports Al-Anba daily.

The suspect, who is believed to be 41 years old, was arrested at an unidentified location and police are said to have seized from him seven kilos of marijuana, five grams of cocaine, a pistol, 24 rounds of ammunition and KD 14,000 cash believed to proceeds from five kilos of drugs.

The five kilos is believed to be part of 12 kilos of marijuana which he admitted to smuggling into the country. According to a security source the suspect was arrested by the CID men following a tip-off from an unidentified source that the man was in touch with suspicious people and kept in touch with persons with criminal record. Police also learned that the suspect met his contacts in public places to evade suspicion and even the WhatsApp application to converse with his contacts.

The source added acting on this information the suspect was put under close surveillance for some time and investigations revealed the American was trafficking in drugs and was operating from his apartment. Acting on this information and armed with a search and arrest warrant issued by the Public Prosecution, securitymen raided the apartment and seized drugs and money. The suspect, during intensive interrogations which lasted for several hours, is said to have confessed that he brought drugs into the country through the US Army air cargo. The suspect, like the other suspect who is in police custody, has contracts with the US Army in Kuwait.

Another URS employee? I hope they hang them, as an American I don't think those guys should be shown any mercy and let them be an example to all western expats. Not only are they drug dealers but they are going to get the APO privileges taken away from contractors because of their actions.

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