Friday, September 7, 2018

American drug dealer Arrested

 US drug trafficker seized – KD 1 mln worth of drugs found

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 6: Personnel from the Criminal Investigations Department have made a major breakthrough by arresting one of the most dangerous drug dealers who has been ‘distributing’ drugs of all kinds to students of foreign schools and universities and to Europeans and Asians, reports Al-Anba daily.

The suspect is identified as US citizen ‘Eric B’ a.k.a. ‘The Emperor’, believed to be one of the contractors working for the US Army. At the time of arrest he was in possession of drugs with a market value of one million Kuwaiti dinars, in addition to an undisclosed amount in foreign currency, gold chains and expensive watches.

During interrogation he said the watches and chains were pawned by students (most of whom live in the Tenth Area) who could not pay cash for the drugs.

The suspect during intensive interrogation which lasted for several hours is said to have confessed that he brought drugs into the country through the US Army air cargo.

A security source said this method of smuggling is mind blowing and will be a subject of discussion with the US security side to close the US loophole exploited by the accused. A security source said a number of drug abusers who have been arrested have given the name of the person as a source of purchasing drugs. The source added CID men exerted tremendous efforts until they identified the suspect who is believed to be born in 1970 and lives in Mangaf.

The source said, police acting on information set a trap for the American and caught him red-handed while selling drugs to a police agent who used marked police currency to use it as evidence in the court of law.

CID men armed with a search warrant issued by the Public Prosecution then raided the man’s apartment and seized 6 kilos of marijuana, 250 grams of cocaine, 2 sensitive scales, KD 40,000, 47,000 Philippine pesos, eight bottles of alcohol, jewelry and expensive watches.

Asked if the US Embassy in Kuwait has been notified of the arrest of one of its citizens, the source said: “This does not fall within the jurisdiction of the Interior but a report will be submitted to the Foreign Ministry on the arrest of the American and the seizure of the contraband.”

--I bet he was working for URS!


  1. Vectrus K-BOSSS, He was a Manager.

    1. No way, what about the second guy they arrested in Jabriya?

    2. I don't know who the second guy is. I am sure he is connected to the first guy.

  2. Night want to add Amber who has been dealing drugs for years along with Karina who's fiance is facing the death penalty


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