Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Insane supply list for nursery Teachers

I've seen a lot of teacher supply lists in my time but this one beats them all. This is a supply list for teachers at a nursery school which I will not name out of respect for the person who shared this with me. First of all, nursery schools don't pay a lot and second of all who can afford to supply all of these items? Printer and ink? We all know that printers are reasonably cheap but the ink cartridges are like 10 KD each, not to mention having to provide a lamination machine and paper!

Personally I would have laughed in their face if they gave me a ridiculous list like this. These days good teachers are hard to find and Kuwaiti schools don't have the best reputations any more as most of them hire teachers without giving them a residency/housing or transportation while the make tons of money from families. Maybe the teachers should offer picking up the kids from their houses as well.

I will stick to administration!

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  1. Wait, hang on, are teachers supposed to buy the above list and bring the items to the school!? Is that normal? Isn't it the school's responsibility to supply the equipment and materials?


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