Friday, June 18, 2010


In response to the e-mail written by one of my viewers I would like to share with you services provided by Borderlinx. Although most contractors have their own company APO used for ordering items online some people who aren't working in that field might want to check out this service for ordering items online.

Dear Crazy In Kuwait,

I just read your blog post "some things I miss from the States", and I completely feel your pain. Whenever I leave the US, I get really homesick and miss the most simple things! Whoever thought that when I am away that Walmart would be on my mind! I have something that might make your life a little easier in Kuwait.We thought you would like to know about a new service that will help you and your readers get the latest products at retailers like AutoZone, Walmart, Target, Macys, Sears, and many more.

Visa is pleased to bring you Borderlinx, a new service that allows most international shoppers to buy U.S. products directly from U.S. online retailers.

It's simple and easy to use:
1. Create your own US or U.K. shipping address with Borderlinx for free when you sign up with your Visa card Plus, get 10% off shipping and free sign-up right now.
2. You shop online and fill in the shipping address form with your Borderlinx address.
3. You pay the retailer for the goods and local shipping and Borderlinx for international shipping, customs, duties and taxes.
4. You can share shopping lists with friends and consolidate shipments to save even more on shipping and have 30 days free storage.

It's a new concept so if you're interesting check out the website for further details.

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