Sunday, June 13, 2010

OMG It's freakin' hot!

Now that the weather has reached the eyeball burning phase remember to switch off your water heater as I learned yesterday. Taking a shower at 2 p.m was liking putting myself in a sauna. In the Fintas-Mangaf area the water is trucked in which means the plastic containers are exposed to the elements. Burning hot during the day and luke warm at night.

Does underground water exist in Kuwait? I think it does in established cities but since this area is kind of new they just truck in water. Where does this "potable" water come from and what is it exactly? Maybe I don't want to know what it is. I know you can't drink it or cook with it and even the filter can't keep everything out of it.

The only thing about switching off the water heater is that when you want to take a shower at night the water will be luke warm but never cold cold. I've been in this area for over six years will they ever have water that doesn't have to be trucked in?

I think it would be beneficial to have underground water as the water trucks ruin the streets in Kuwait. Without water trucks there wouldn't be so many holes in the road and traffic.


  1. It's so HOOOOOOT! Why so early this year??? I'm ready to relocate to Antarctica.

  2. the only time we used water trucks is during the Iraqi invasion !!

    most of Kuwait houses are supplied from underground pipes.

  3. Heyyyyy we get water trucked in here. What's that say about this area other than ghetto. Expat once upon a time in 2005 when I worked on Arifjan I used to wear a huge eskimo jacket because it was so cold. I think the winter lasted 2 weeks, not enough time to dust off my winter boots. Winter is shrinking and summer is expanding.


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