Saturday, June 5, 2010

Garbage Crisis

No matter how many Mercedes, BMWs, Lambos and RR we see here we have to remember we are in a third world country after all. I can't understand the garbage crisis here. Do they honestly think having one dumpster for 30 apartment buildings is enough? They just set out these dumpsters anywhere, open lot, in the street, side of the road or anywhere they can find a place.

I remember the days of growing up and going out to the dump with my grandfather. I think it's a Southern thing. We used to pack up the truck with old stuff and haul it off to the dump. I used to think it was so cool. Then we would pick up boiled peanuts and a slurpee and head home. I guess I'm just used to designated dumpster areas with decent size dumpsters to put the trash in. It doesn't make the trash area an eye soar and it keeps the surrounding area a little bit more sanitary.

I've watched the dump trucks here and boy are they different. The truck has a cable that hooks on to the dumspter and pulls it forward spilling trash as it empties. The worker guys don't pick up the fallen trash, they just leave a trail of it behind the truck. I think it's so gross to see rotting trash and have to watch out for liquefied melted trash as it streams down the road. It's such a safety hazard and totally gross. One would think with all the revenue coming in there would be some kind of waste management, right?

Of course certain areas are well maintained and garbage free, that's the best way to keep visitors from knowing the truth. Look at the areas surrounding the airport, those areas are extra clean and there are trees and flowers. That gives visitors the sense of cleanliness. Little do they know the forgotten areas where the rich would never be caught going to are garbage strewn and totally gross. Shouldn't the country as a whole be taken care of?

Here's an idea gov't folks, update your waste management sector with qualified people, bring in some new equipment and designate disposal areas in residential areas. Have a team check out each and every area assuring quality control. It's not like labor is so costly. I've seen the collector guys on the side of the road collecting trash. Hire some more of them and take them out to areas that need attention.

The loan dumpster for 30 buildings.

One of the ancient waste management trucks.

Dumpsters we use back home.

Our kind of trucks.

Back home working for waste management is a prime retirement job.


  1. Thank you very much for all your info and funny descriptions. We are going to live in Kuwait next month and I've been reading what you say about the life there. We came from Spain and following your toughts we will try to avoid any comparison. There will be a lot of things that we can not change.

    Kind regards,

  2. Kuwait is a first world country.

  3. Been there 2007 - 2008 and will be there from Monday on again.
    There are things I am looking forward to, others I don't.
    After having been in Egypt now for 10 months, I wonder if Kuwait will still look as trashy to me as it has before ;)

  4. visit Mumbai when you can. have a real look at third world, Mumbai, Chennai, Cochin. India is the place. or watch slumdog millionaire lol.


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